Brand Strategists

Brand strategists know a company’s brand strategy is requisite for developing an effective marketing strategy.

Consumers are hyper-connected, super-mobile, and have lots of options for how, where, and when to spend their time and money. To catch their attention and earn their loyalty, it is imperative to have a unique brand voice and brand promise. We call this the essential truth, or “soul” of your company. Once that is established, you need to implement it into everything you do and provide for your employees and customers. For that, you need a brand strategy.

Our brand strategists know that creating a brand strategy involves a process that uncovers the key elements from which all messaging—your company’s voice and promise—extends. These key elements help you to deliver your brand consistently and congruently across all communication channels. Your company’s brand must be embraced by everyone in your company who will deliver your brand promise and your unique brand experience to your customers in a way that that will satisfy and delight them.


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Consistent and Congruent Brand Strategy Helps You:

  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Establish your market leadership
  • Create recognizable, tangible brand value in the lives of your customers
  • Increase customer loyalty


Essentials of Brand Strategy for B2B Companies and Organizations

  • Define Your Company Brand
    • It is important to understand what your company stands for and the promise of services and products that it offers to customers and prospects. It captures the essence of your company, backed by research and evidence of what makes your company unique.


  • Designed from the Company’s Business Strategy
    • Brand strategy is based on the company’s business strategy, and increasingly are becoming more entwined. The business strategy answers the why of being in business, and the brand strategy relates to how your products and services get delivered and experienced by customers. Questions that need to be answered during this discovery phase are:
      • What does the company offer to its customers?
      • Why should your customers buy from you rather than a competitor?
      • Do your brand values align with your customers’ real and perceived needs? What tangible value do you add to their lives?
      • Is there a tiered brand architecture that delivers different or conflicting brand messaging?
      • What is the delivery strategy to get the appropriate message to your targeted audience?
      • Why should your customers believe that you will deliver as promised?


  • Development of the Company Brand
    • Your company needs to go through the exercise of brand development. Our branding consultant delves into this by thoroughly researching the perceptions of management and staff inside the company, as well as customers, suppliers, partners, and prospects. By delving into attitudes, awareness, and perceptions of all stakeholders, this process often exposes recurrent themes and a general “personality” of the company; determinations are made from there regarding adoption of themes, or the need to amend the current thematic landscape.
    • From this research, develop a core brand positioning statement, supporting messages, and mission and vision statements.
    • Design the visual concepts of the new brand including logo, colors, and fonts.


  • Define the Touchpoints
    • It is important to know at what points in the buyer’s journey your brand touches (actually reaches) the customer. Where will your audience come in contact with your brand before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale? See Touchpoint Wheel.


Through discovery and research inside and outside of your company, B2B brand consultant, Grant Marketing can help unearth your company’s evidence of distinction and determine your company’s brand essence.

Grant Marketing’s B2B brand consulting takes a holistic approach to your branding. We develop an integrated marketing communications package that incorporates inbound and outbound marketing, public relations, events, and internal communications. Our creative and talented designers and marketing experts will craft marketing communication materials to make your brand identifiable, distinctive, meaningful, and effective.

Are you delivering all that your B2B brand strategy promises? Is your product or service a true and tangible value-add to your customers’ lives? Do you need to deliver stronger brand message or experience??Have your employees connected with and internalized you brand essence and do they consistently deliver your brand promise? Grant Marketing can walk you through the brand development process to help uncover or clarify your brand messaging and strategy. To get started, download our?Brand Report Card?and see how well you are connecting with your customers.